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We have put together an awesome fan package for the biggest friends of logging sports!


A.Le Coq Beer Museum - Welcome to Beer World!

The story of beer culture, which spans thousands of years, is told in the Beer World, one of the newest and most contemporary experience centres in Tartu. The fully preserved historical malt tower, which is known as a symbol of the city and one of the rarest industrial buildings in Europe, is the heart of the museum. In addition to its unique architecture, you'll find exciting installations and interactive exhibits as well as fascinating stories and legends in the Beer World.

Trip with the Barge "Jõmmu"

The Emajõe-Peipsi barge is a unique wooden trading vessel. In Estonia, Peipsi barges sailed the inland waters for more than 600 years – from the 14th until the middle of the 20th century – thus contributing greatly to the prosperity of several Estonian towns, especially Tartu.

Guided sightseeing tours

On the swampy plains of Emajõgi River, where the sandy hills that had formed on the area of Tartu made crossing the river easier, a settlement emerged already several centuries ago. The existence of the castle situated on the foreland of Toome dates back to the 5th century, and the discovery site of the settlers of Kunda culture, which lies in the city's current boundaries in Ihaste, could extend Tartu`s history even up to 10,000 years.


Gren - the green energy company. All new, but positively familiar. This is where experience meets future- minded initiatives. This is where the future is being energized today in a sustainable and efficient way. Biomass combined heat and power plant in Tartu utilizes local fuels – woodchips and milled peat, whereby a large part of the peat comes from the company's own peat deposits. The plant provides district heating to approx 1 900 customers and 72 000 end users in Tartu city. The Tartu plant is the backbone for Tartu district heating and cooling system that is one of the best and most advanced in Estonia.


Tarmeko companies have been processing wood and producing high-quality furniture since 1947. High- quality furniture design and production have always been an important goal for Tarmeko. Modern and innovative production technology and over 70 years of experience give Tarmeko a competitive advantage. This allows the company to work with complicated and labour-intensive projects. In doing so it is important to manage the client base fast and efficiently. That is why the company's main mission is to create value- added products made out of wood and other high-quality materials.

The Estonian National Museum

Founded in Tartu in 1909 on the initiative and with the support of the nation – with the task to protect and develop the history and culture of Estonia. The Estonian National Museum is an ethnologically and cultural- historically oriented museum which aims at reflecting everyday life and culture as a way of life, taking into account its periodical, spatial and social diversity. The museum focuses on collecting, preserving and studying material concerned with the culture and history of Estonians, Estonian minorities and Finno-Ugric peoples and making it accessible.

Upside Down House

Upside Down House is a dizzying adventure for everybody – grown-ups and children. We literally have turned the house upside down. Upstairs is downstairs and vice versa. All the things like sofas, kitchen cabinets and everything else, that you usually see on the floor, hang from the ceiling in the Upside Down House. Actually, they are still on the floor, but the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor and as a matter of fact, it is you, who is upside down.

Trip to the Taevaskoda sandstone outcrops

The Taevaskoda sandstone outcrops, located in the landscape protection area of the primeval valley of the Ahja river, are among the most frequently visited sites among hikers and summer vacationers in Southern Estonia. More than 80,000 people visit the Taevaskoda hiking trail every year.

We will take a 3-kilometre walk on the banks of the Ahja River on the Taevaskoda hiking trail, which is part of the pan-Estonian network of visitor sites of the State Forest Management Centre. The most attractive sights of the trail are the ancient sandstone outcrops rising from the river bed towards the sky.

Only during this walk, a pop-up restaurant offering Estonian flavors and a souvenir shop will open their doors in the middle of nature.

We will introduce you to the wonderful nature and cultural history here, including several shooting locations of the Estonian cult film The Last Relic.

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The KGB Cells Museum

The most beautiful town in Estonia, as the old song goes, or the Athens of River Emajõgi, as the old saying goes, was not spared in the whirlwinds of war of the 20th century. Tartu was one of the hardest-hit towns during World War II. It was not completely razed to the ground like the border town Narva but its face was changed to the extent of unrecognizable. Of the rapidly alternating cycle of German and Soviet occupations, the latter endured the longest and plunged Estonia, and Tartu into a stupor of a half century. In order to keep things under control and terrorize the population opposing the foreign regime, prisons and detention centers sprang up everywhere. The most notorious in Tartu was the so-called „grey house“, a pre-trial prison for political prisoners, now the KGB Cells Museum. The museum tells the story of the Soviet repression and survival of the native resistance through many decades until Estonia’s independence was restored.

Excursion timetable on Thursday and Friday

Excursions start at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
  • Tarmeko and Gren – wood and industry
  • A. Le Coq Beer museum – Welcome to Beer World!
  • Trip with the Barge “Jõmmu” – Hanseatic League
  • Sightseeing tour with guide – history then and now
  • Estonian National Museum – all day visit
  • Upside Down House - all day visit
Timetable for the trip to the Taevaskoda sandstone outcrops 
  • 12:00  Departure from Tartu (in front of the Dorpat and Tartu hotels)
  • 12:45  Arrival at the Taevaskoda parking lot
  • 13:00  Start of the hike 
  • 16:00  Return trip to Tartu

Hotel Dorpat is located in Tartu city center, in the middle of the main business area. The hotel is also an easy stroll from the Old Town and major shopping centers. Many rooms enjoy views over the city or the Emajõgi River – scenes of Tartu you'll never forget!

Address: Soola 6, Tartu  

Hotel Tartu is situated in the center of Tartu and is your best choice in case you appreciate friendly service, affordable prices, and a comfortable hotel room. Being one of the oldest hotels in Tartu, built already in 1964, Hotel Tartu has always been regarded as an ideal place to stay by people coming to Tartu either on business or on holiday.

Address: Soola 3, Tartu
Hotels offer double rooms (single room or extra bed in double rooms at your own expense). We will do our best to accommodate your wishes. If you would like to stay longer or arrive earlier please book additional days on your own through the hotel webpage.

Full fan Package 1050 euros 

  • Transfer Tallinn-Tartu-Tallinn airport
  • Accommodation in Dorpat Hotel or Hotel Tartu
  • Day excursion on Wednesday
  • Excursions on Thursday and Friday
  • Meals 19th - 23rd of April (breakfast, lunch, dinner)*
  • Free entrance to the Maamess on all three day
  • Welcome to Estonia fanbag
  • Award ceremony and final banquet
  • Coffee and snacks in race center
*19th of April dinner only
*23rd of April breakfast only
Fan package without hostel - 750 euros

Deadlines and cancellation

Registration as fan or participant  for this event is done through IALC, with the following deadlines:
1st of January - Registration of teams
1st of February - Registration of fans
1st of March - Registration of names of team members

Cancellation policy and refund

When you register as a participant for this event, by submitting your registration form to the IALC, you agree upon these terms and conditions regarding the event. By registration you agree to pay the full amount of the fan package, according to instructions given by the IALC. Cancellation must be made by written notice to the IALC, before 1st of March 2023 in order to be eligible for a full refund. For cancellation of fan package after 1st of March the fan must pay 60% of the fan package price. For cancellation of fan package after 1st of April the fan must pay 100% of the fan package price.

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