The best of Estonian loggers

Team no 1

Taavi Ehrpais and Helvis Koort are competing with Husqvarna, Jarro Mihkelson with STIHL chainsaw. In the women's category, Karina Riive made it to the team. She is competing with STIHL. Peeter Mitt, competing with Husqvarna, competes in the U24 category. 

Taavi Ehrpais

Helvis Koort

Jarro Mihkelson

Karina Riive

Peeter Mitt

Team no 2

Since Estonia is the organizer of the World Championship in 2023, we can field 2 teams as the host country. The second team was formed by Raino Kivi and Sulev Tooming, who compete with STIHL, and Markus Mitt, who represents the Pfanner brand. In the junior class, Estonia is represented by Ralf Elfenbein, competing with Husqvarna, and in the women's class, Kertu Evert, who is also competing with Husqvarna.

Raino Kivi

Sulev Tooming

Markus Mitt

Ralf Elfenbein

Kertu Evert

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