Sponsors of logging competitions support forestry traditions

The Estonian Forest Society organises the World Logging Championships, but not alone. Many sponsors from Estonia and other countries have also contributed to organising the competitions.

The major international sponsors of the competitions are companies whose products are used by many foresters worldwide. These include Husqvarna and Stihl, well-known manufacturers of chainsaws (as well as many other tools), and Pfanner, the Austrian manufacturer of safety clothing and equipment.

In addition, our local sponsors ensure that the competitions take place. The gold sponsors RMK, Stora Enso, Pajaka Puit, Timber.ee, Tornator, Valga Puu and Graanul Invest have contributed significantly to the championships. Besides, there are many other supporters and partners. We extend our greatest thanks to all of them.

We asked our two gold sponsors why they had decided to support logging and what they think logging brings to forestry. Toivo Asmer, a supervisory board member of Timber.ee, said that sponsoring the logging sport was their sacred duty.

“We at Timber have been closely into forestry since 2014 already. If you add up the forestry experience of our employees, it is more than 130 years. We have hundreds of good partners among forest owners and cooperate closely with all of Estonia’s reputable and well-known harvesters and consultants. I believe that logging competitions and our everyday activities go hand in hand,” Asmer said.

When asked what logging gives to forestry, he answered, “In every walk of life, skills, knowledge, and abilities are measurable, and often measurements end up becoming fierce competitions, like in sports. At logging competitions, the best logging athletes are determined, and the winners are always honoured – whether the competitions are held in their own country or with top contestants worldwide.

Today, we can see that sawing in the forest has evolved into a culture. When imitated in everyday work, it leaves the cutting areas much more cultivated and tidier. In addition, going to a logging competition arouses the spectators’ interest in the forests much more than simply watching a computer screen in the city.”

Timber has supported a number of logging competitions over the years.

Kertu Elfenbein from Pajaka Puit, another gold sponsor, has a very personal connection to logging. “We have sponsored Estonian logging competitions for the last three seasons. As fans, we have been in the audience for a little longer - ever since our son Ralf participated in his first competitions representing the school while studying at Luua. Our family is always in the audience because not only is our son there, but many friends and some employees of our company are also competing and demonstrating professional skills. Most competitors, judges and organisers are active forestry people who are naturally nice and reasonable. Therefore, we enjoy and look forward to meeting them at all the competitions in Estonia,” said Kertu Elfenbein.

She added that the competitions also give evidence to the public of the excellent and practical forestry education that can be acquired at Luua Forestry School. “Logging and logging competitions show, in an exciting and engaging way, the importance of safety, accuracy, rationality and good skills when working in the forest,” said Elfenbein.

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