World Logging Championships bring together contestants from 22 countries worldwide

The World Logging Championships held from 19–22 April will bring nearly 300 contestants and international guests to Estonia. During the week, the guests will get familiar with our forestry and nature and see the local culture and urban life.

The participants travelling the longest way to the championships in Tartu are the Japanese team. Our closest guests are teams from the neighbouring Finland and Latvia. The list of participants is varied, but as can be expected, mainly representing the most forest-rich countries with long-standing traditions in forestry, professional skills, and competitions.

While our neighbours are well acquainted with Estonian competitions and our competition venues, the teams from more distant countries have not been to Estonia for a long time. Meanwhile, a lot has changed. Last time, the best logging teams gathered in Estonia in 2006, when the championships were held at Otepää. Then there were also participants from more than 20 countries.

All things change over time, and the championships keep up with the time. In 2018, the competitions held in Norway featured the women’s category for the first time. This year, we also have the women's category, and we welcome 11 female contestants participating in the championships.
The competitions start on the morning of 20 April at the show arena of the Rural Fair (Maamess) and at the main arena of the competition centre in the campus of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. See you at the start!

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